• Guian tea scent spreads far and wide


    Summer tea leaves processed by Lixiang Ecological Agriculture Co, headquartered in Guian New Area, Southwest China's Guizhou province, have been chosen for the European market, due to their fresh fragrance and eco-friendliness.

  • Guian car debuts in Los Angeles


    GYON, a high-end car model funded by Guian Sitech Electric Auto Industry Co, held its brand conference and singing ceremony in Los Angeles, USA on Aug 9, with the aim of building a brand new concept model.

  • Guiyang promotes industrial transformation and upgrading


    Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou province, will carry out a series of policies designed to improve industry in 19 different areas.

  • All-round HSR services to be implemented in Guizhou


    The Panxian-Xingyi High-speed Railway (HSR) project, the last of Guizhou province's nine HSR projects, has been approved by the China Railways Corporation and the Guizhou provincial government. When completed, every city in Guizhou will be connected by high-speed rail.

  • Sitech’s first electric cars ready to hit the market


    Guian-based electric car company Sitech has successfully developed its first DEV1 electric cars and will release them onto the market in September.

  • Guitar sector innovation strikes a chord in Guizhou


    Guitars have become big business in Zheng'an, a small county in Guizhou province in Southwest China, where locals are not only manufacturing and exporting the instruments globally, but also cultivating related talent.

  • Guian New Area is a state-level new area located between Guiyang and Anshun, Guizhou province, with a planned area of 1,795 sq km.

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