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Office of the Administrative Committee of Guian New Area

Tel: (0851)8890-0055

Economic Development Bureau

Tel: (0851)8890-9700

Social Affairs Administration Bureau

Tel: (0851)8890-0702, 8890-0704

Finance Bureau

Tel: (0851)8890-0299

Administration Bureau of Agriculture, Forestry and Water

Tel: (0851)8890-1531

Market Supervision Administration

Tel: (0851)8890-3458

Office of State Administration of Taxation

Tel: (0851)8890-3888

Office of News Center

Tel: (0851)8890-8006

Public Resources Trading Center

Tel: (0851)8835-4204

Talent Exchange and Service Center

Tel: (0851)8890-0126

Bureau of Planning and Construction


Public Security Bureau

Tel: (0851)8890-2107

Bureau of Land and Resources

Tel: (0851)8890-2807

Health and Family Planning Bureau

Tel: (0851)8890-0677

Bureau of City Administration and Law Enforcement

Tel: (0851)8891-6899

Highway Administration

Tel: (0851)8891-4966

Land Purchase and Reserve Center


Service Center for Housing Provident Fund and Social Security

Tel: (0851)8817-4196

Real Estate Registration Center

Tel: (0851)8890-2803

Administrative Approval Bureau

Tel: (0851)8891-8638

Bureau of Environmental Protection

Tel: (0851)8890-3155

Local Taxation Bureau

Tel: (0851)8890-3211

Bureau of Work Safety

Tel: (0851)8890-1369

Development Research Center

Tel: (0851)8890-1080

Service Center

Tel: (0851)8890-1036

Tourism & Culture Industry Development Center

Tel: (0851)8890-1528

People's Government of Dangwu Town

Tel: (0851)8379-0000

People's Government of Huchao Town

Tel: (0851)8332-0000 

People's Government of Machang Town

Tel: (0851)3429-7003

People's Government of Gaofeng Town

Tel: (0851)3466-8091

Guian Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Tel: (0851)8850-2080

Huaxi University City

Tel: (0851)8365-8576