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Medical institutions in Guian New Area

Updated : 2017-12-18 Print

The medical institutions administered directly by Guian New Area include four town-level health institutions, two hospitals affiliated to prison, 97 medical service centers in villages, and five private clinics. With a total floorage of 4,900 sq m, the institutions have four outpatient departments, four treatment departments, four pharmacies, one TCM department, one radiology department and one test room, plus 42 beds and six high-end equipment. The average outpatient and inpatient number is 38 and 18 on a daily basis.




Dangwu Health Institution


Dangwu town, Guian New Area

Huchao Health Institution


Huchao town, Guian New Area

Machang Health Institution


Machang town, Guian New Area

Gaofeng Health Institution


Gaofeng town, Guian New Area