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Liuyueliu (Lunar June 6) Tourism Culture Street


Liuyueliu (Lunar June 6) Tourism Culture Street lies in Machang county of southern Guian New Area only half an hour's drive from Guiyang. It was the first commercial street noted for “idyllic beauty·Bouyei culture·leisure tourism”; it integrates tourism, entertainment and Bouyei culture inheritance into an organic whole. The project covers not only high-end enterprise guild-halls, theme restaurants and bars and art and culture galleries, but also some rare tourism resources such as the Bouyei folk custom culture street, an ecological agriculture park, facilities for theme weddings and vast wetland landscapes.

Culture: Bouyei theaters, guild halls, tea-houses and folk customs experience.

Experience: Bouyei wineries, batik houses, salt workshops, instrument workshops and traditional handicraft workshops.

Dining: Bouyei traditional snacks and specialties.

Artwork: Bouyei puppets, bobo sugar, bamboo weaving, silver jewelry, and more.

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