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Chetian Scenic Area


The total investment in the project is estimated to reach 695.8 million yuan($105.22 million). Phase I (2013-14) focused on the construction of traffic, tourism infrastructure, landscaping along Chetian Lake and the development of Shiban village. Phase II (2015-18) is further improving the supporting facilities of the scenic spot, including the amusement programs, hotels and mountain villas.

Chetian scenic spot aims to make a breakthrough by transforming and upgrading its traditional villages and build a country stone art park and art collection base that integrates stone art theme activities, rural leisure tourism and folk-custom experiencing tourism into one by taking advantage of its unique Shiban culture, ecological landscape and human resources.

The total area of the spot is about 3.62 square kilometers, and the core area centered around the basins of Sancha River, Lengfan River and Chetian River is about 0.9 square kilometers. The scenic spot contains three natural villages: Shangchetian, Zhongchetian and Xiachetian. Shangchetian village mainly consists of the Xiaohuamiao ethnic group (a branch of the Miao ethnic group) with a history of more than 200 years, and has preserved the ancient language and culture of the Huamiao ethnic group. Abundant in both natural resources and cultural atmosphere, Chetian scenic spot is a major rural leisure tourist attraction in Guian new area.


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