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Tianhe Lake Scenic Area


Tianhe Lake Scenic Area, with a total of 15 square kilometers, consists of five scenic spots: Wolong Lake, Shibang Beach, Longtan Water Tunnel, Yinhe Palace and Tianhe Lake. A 210-meter wide waterfall leaps to your eyes at the entrance of the scenic area. Go through the water curtain cave behind the waterfall and you will see Wolong Lake. Then, travelling up past Shibang Beach, you will find a giant stone door that is more than ten meters high and five meters wide, through which you will come to Tianhe Lake. The four walls of the lake are very steep and the pool is bottomless. There are two natural caves among the rocks around the lake: the dry cave on the left side, called Yinhe Palace, is made up of various stalactites; the water tunnel cave on the right side has dozens of scenic spots such as Tongtian Lake, Hailuo Palace, Chaoxi Pool and the Underground Sky Building.


The through ticket includes the waterfalls, idyllic scenery, and the water tunnel cave and dry cave. The prices of the tickets vary from 50 yuan ($7.63) to 40 yuan according to peak-season and off-season. Another kind of ticket covering only the waterfalls and idyllic scenery costs 10 yuan to 8 yuan in accordance with peak-season and off-season.

The boat ticket consists of visiting the water tunnel cave and the dry cave. It costs 43 yuan in peak-season and 35 yuan in off-season.

Other charged items: a roundtrip electromobile is 10 yuan per person and a ziptrek is 40 yuan per person.

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