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Key projects of Guizhou agriculture demonstration park

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Name: Guian New Area “Agriculture Cloud” Big Data Agriculture project

Category: modern high-efficiency agriculture demonstration park in Guian New Area

Construction: to be built

Location: Guian New Area Electronic Information Industrial Park

Owner: Agriculture, Forestry and Water Affairs Bureau of Guian New Area, Guizhou

Ways of cooperation: sole, joint

Status: preliminary project planning and site selection have been completed

Project content:

The project relies on the big data industry of Guian New Area to develop a modern agricultural information management platform covering the whole province.

The platform will include agricultural capital operations and management, farmers' professional cooperatives, agricultural product quality safety trace-ability management, GAP planting and management, operations and management of agricultural products, agricultural products e-commerce management, warehousing, and logistics management systems.

The system for managing and tracing quality and safety is the project's core. In the supply of agricultural materials and manufacturing of agricultural products the platform provides information management at all stages of the process supported by a powerful funds management system which will allow the province's agricultural industry to reach new heights through big data.

Financial index analysis: the total investment of the project is 100 million yuan ($15 million), including infrastructure construction and additional investment of 80 million yuan. The annual output value after operations begin will be 30 million yuan with 20-million-yuan annual profit. The investment recovery period will be four years.

Preferential policies: the relevant subsidies in Guizhou and all the preferential policies for attracting investment in Guian New Area


Agriculture, Forestry and Water Affairs Bureau of Guian New Area, Guizhou

Li Qiao Tel: 13885111322 Fax: 0851-88901531

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