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Guian incubator of big data industrial park project

Updated : 2018-01-09 Print

Project name: Guian Incubator of Big Data Industrial Park Project

Project description: 80 Internet companies will be introduced to provide a mature incubation platform for investment, financing, innovation and entrepreneurship. It is expected to construct a professional network incubator platform that will reach an output value of 1 billion yuan and cultivate 10 enterprises each year. The park will mainly develop big data infrastructure services, platform and basic information services, sensor and smart terminal products manufacturing, big data application services and big data technology research and development and talent training. 

Currently, 127,000 square meters of standard factories have been built. Thirty-one enterprises including the National Outsourcing Promotion Center of Shanghai Pudong Software Park, the CAS Institute of Computing Technology, Miteno, Peking University National Information Resources Administration and Qianfang Science and Technology have been introduced into the park, of which 4 are big data infrastructure service companies, 6 are platform and basic information service companies, 6 are big data service companies, 4 are big data technology research and development and talent cultivation enterprises, and 5 are financial enterprises. The introduction of the Shanghai Equity Exchange and the establishment of the Guian New Area Equity Trading Center formed a complete industrial chain, making the park full of energy in entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.

Company name: Beijing HunterSun Corporation, Guizhou Hechuang Productivity Promotion Co Ltd, Hechuang Investment (Hunan province) Co Ltd.

Industry category: Big Data Industry

Location: Guian New Area Big Data Industry Base