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Guian Construction Group Co Ltd

Updated : 2018-01-15 Print

Guian Construction Group Co Ltd was established in May 2015, with the registered capital of 1.2 billion yuan ($185 million). The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guian New District Development and Investment Co Ltd -- a state-owned large-scale enterprise, and the first major integrated construction group that integrates planning, design, construction, supervision and supply of building materials.

Spheres of business: housing construction, road and bridge engineering, municipal utilities, mechanical and electrical installation, earthwork, building decoration, foundation and foundation engineering, road maintenance projects, road greening landscape engineering, construction demolition; production and sales of building materials, consulting, planning, supervision, architectural design and other fields. 

The branches of the company have independently completed 24.61 kilometers of road construction including Chongzun Expressway (Chongxi River-Zunyi), Shenzhen-Shantou Expressway, Yuhe Expressway (Chongqing-Hechuan), Guixin Expressway (Duyun-Xinzhai), Guizun High-grade Road (Guiyang-Zunyi) and Guihuang High-grade Road (Guiyang-Huangguoshu), and four bridges with each has a length of 1462.78 meters. It also undertakes the construction of the World Trade Center in Guizhou, Liupanshui Yutian Square, and Guiyang Tiancheng Building, and it also completed large public facilities construction projects including Guizhou University gymnasium as well as large municipal construction projects, of which the Guizhou World Trade Center won the first prize of the 13th China Spark Cup.