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2017 International Expo of Folk Cultural Products

Updated : 2018-01-15 Print

Date:Nov 10-12, 2017

Theme: Display cultural tourism products, promote global cooperation and exchange

Place: ASEAN International Conference Center in Guian New Area

Participants: more than 1,500 experts, artists and entrepreneurs from 39 countries and regions


Expo events -- opening ceremony, craftsman selection contest & tourism product design competition

Exhibitions -- cultural creativity, international handicrafts, excellent craftsmen’s works in Guizhou, Intangible Cultural Heritages, photography, thematic displays related to Yunnan and Guangxi province, cultural tourism products, modern painting and calligraphy by native Guizhou artists collected in the Guizhou Museum, and fine arts from along the Belt and Road

Investment promotion fairs -- teapot and cups and tourism products industrialization

Forums -- culture & creativity development, integrated development of cultural tourism, and National Handicrafts Industry Management Symposium 


1. The expo is of higher level.

There was a 1,000-square-meter exhibition hall for the "Belt and Road International Exhibition of Fine Arts". Fifteen master craftsmen from nine countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, 10 from the birthplace of the Silk Road in Quanzhou, Fujian province, as well as several Shu brocade masters from Sichuan attended the expo; some of their works were exhibited during the 2017 BRICS Xiamen Summit.

2. More definite activities were held.

One meeting: Guian New Area investment attraction promotion fair.

One festival: Gourmet Festival.

Three exhibitions: Belt and Road International Exhibition of Fine Arts, calligraphy and painting exhibition, outdoor supplies and tourism equipment exhibition.

Three activities: parallel automobiles and import products exhibition, theme marketing activity and virtual reality bargain activity.

3. More convenient services offered to guests.

Free buses, optimized transportation routes, shuttle buses for guests to go from the main venue to various sub-venues, as well as a parking lot with 5,000 parking spaces were provided. In addition, maternal and child rooms and on-site medical rooms were set up in the main venue.

4. Safer environment was ensured for the expo.

From the main venue to each sub-venue, a thorough investigation of potential safety hazards was conducted and a special working group on water, electricity, information, transportation and foodstuffs was set up to ensure the success of the expo.