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Guian Free Trade Zone

Updated : 2018-01-15 Print


The Guian Free Trade Zone, located in the Equine Industrial Development Area of Guian New Area, has a planned area of 2.2 square kilometers. The zone started operation in October 2015. Close to the Foxconn Fourth-Generation Green Industrial Park, Electronic Information Industrial Park, High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, Big Data Industrial Park and China Mobile, Telecom, Unicom Southern Big Data and Cloud Computing Center, the free trade zone is planned to construct several work areas including bonded processing, bonded warehousing logistics, bonded services and port operations. The leading industries include electronic information, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, biomedicine, and modern services. The zone primarily engage in manufacturing, international trade, entrepot trade, international logistics, bonded research and development, product display, testing and maintenance, service outsourcing and bonded delivery of futures, bonded goods finance lease, offshore finance and other services. 

贵安综合保税区 平凡摄_副本.jpg

As the special customs supervision area with the highest level of opening, the most complete functions, the most preferential policies and the most basic operating rules in line with the international standards, the enterprises in Guian Free Trade Zone are eligible to enjoy not only the policies issued by the state and the preferential policies in Guizhou province and Guian New Area, but also special preferential policies in land transfer, plant rental, fiscal and taxation, and financial services.