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Guian Electronic Information Industrial Park

The planned area of Guian Electronic Information Industrial Park is 32 square kilometers; Guian Big Data Industrial Base is the high-tech industrial base with big data serving as the core industry and the core region for Guian New Area to develop big data and related industries. It stands at the electronic information industrial park of science and technology city in the southern horse farm and extends through to the two sides of Qianzhong Avenue, east to the east longitudinal line and west to the Qingyang Road, with a planned area of about 11.47 square kilometers. 

Industry focus

National Big Data Center: data storage and backup service

development and application of big data cloud, cloud computing, Internet of Things technology and digital culture industry

creative design, animation, game music creation, creative products trade platform internet industry: e-commerce platform, headquarter economy, internet finance

satellite industry: compass satellites, remote sensing satellites, R & D and industrialization of drones

high-end products manufacturing industry: R & D and manufacturing of electronic terminal products, supporting components

Settled enterprises

Foxconn Technology Group, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, Western Holdings, Beijing Miteno, Tellhow Group

Digital Economy Industrial Park

Located in the central area of Huaxi University Town, the Digital Economy Industrial Park in Guian New Area covers an area of 10.8 hectares.

With total construction area of 320,000 square meters and total investment of 2.4 billion yuan ($382 million), the park currently has the densest concentration of commercial facilities in Huaxi University Town. It has committed itself to the digitalization of the resource-based economy, tech-economy, integrated economy and service economy in Guian New Area.  


Digital Economy Industrial Park

By careful industrial and development planning the park has established an information base on powerful companies throughout the country, which enables companies in the park to precisely determine suitable partners, clarify the actions that should be taken and achieve successful docking with them. 

So far, the park has already attracted investment from 103 companies, of which 89 are in the fields of big data, internet and digital manufacturing. Forty-four have already moved into the park and established business operations. 

Guian Incubator of Big Data Industry

The incubator focuses on the development of five blocks, namely, big data infrastructure services platform and basic information services, sensing and intelligent end-product manufacturing, big data applications, big data technology development and personnel training. So far, a 127,000-square meter standard room has been built. Thirty-one big data and associated companies have been introduced including Shanghai Pudong Software Park National Service Outsourcing Promotion Center, Chinese Academy of Science Institute of Computer, Miteno, Peking University, National Information Resource Management Institute, and CTFO. Among them, there are four big data infrastructure services companies, six platform and basic information services companies, six big data services enterprises, four big data technology R&D and talent training companies and five financial companies. It also introduced Shanghai Equity Exchange to establish Guian three-board equity trading center, forming an integrated comprehensive industrial chain of "production, learning and research", and becoming an entrepreneurial, innovative and creative park.