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High-end equipment manufacturing industry

Updated : 2018-01-15 Print


High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park


total area: 22.02 square kilometers

northern coverage: 15.36 sq km

southern coverage: 6.66 sq km

Industry focus

aerospace equipment, motor vehicles and parts, rail transportation equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment

environmental protection and energy-saving equipment and energy-saving equipment, construction machinery modern agricultural machinery, precision machinery, medical equipment

Settled enterprises

Chinese Academy of Sciences Guian Advanced Robotics and Laser Technological Innovation (Guian Robot and Laser Industrial Park) project

Guian New Area Qianxin Fiber High-tech Industrial project, China Energy Conservation Guizhou Energy-saving Industrial project

Guian Environment Equipment Manufacturing project, Guian New Area Intelligent Power Distribution Equipment Manufacturing project

Guian New Area High-tech Connector project, Zhongde Hiccom Precision Equipment Manufacturing project

Projects on production of deceleration machine tools, digital-control machine tools and intelligent security products

The Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Park, located in the south, is an advanced equipment manufacturing base that centers on handling facilities, air pollution treatment equipment, automobile and spare parts. It holds the Engineering Machinery Industrial Park, High and New Material Industrial Park, Precision Equipment Manufacturing Park and the Automobile and Spare Parts Industrial Park.

The High-end Equipment Manufacturing Park, located in the north, is a base that focuses on intelligent instrument, urban rail transportation and shield machinery. It outlays Energy-saving Equipment Park and the Rail Transportation and Tunnel Engineering Machinery Industrial Park. 

Located in the High-end Equipment Manufacturing Park, the Guizhou Industrial and Investment Co Guian New Area Science Industrial Park, guided by scientific and technological innovation and R&D and supported by high and new technological industry and strategic emerging industries, will promote the park construction in all aspects by giving a full potential of resources, environment and policies, guiding an efficient allocation of resources and sticking to the innovative ideas of "developing the urban area by industries, promoting the industries development by urban construction, integrating the advancement for both the urban area and industries for promoting both comprehensively".