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total: 9.3 square kilometers

Industrial orientation

1. modern Chinese Traditional Medicine manufacturing

2. biopharmaceutical R & D

3. production and bio-agricultural development on herbs growing in areas populated by the Miao ethnic groups

4. health service industry

Guian New Area New Medicine Industrial Park is located between Xiayun town and Shizi town, towards the west of Xiayun Industrial Park. The park enjoys convenient transportation, with its connection to the planned Jinan Road in the west and the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway in the south. The Xiayun Industrial Park has already gained a good base for industrial development, which focuses on the mechanic processing, electronic information and new materials. It has provided good basic conditions for the development of the new medicine park.

In accordance to the industrial position and based on the case study, the new medicine park's function will center around manufacturing, research and incubation, supported by trade logistics, health services and comprehensive supporting facilities. According to the functions, the property of land usage will be on industry, public facilities, logistics, storage, R&D, entertainment, health, commerce, business, living, road and other transportation.

In terms of regional structure, functional organization and planning, constructive period and sequence, transportation system support and ecological protection and based on the industrial section, ecological development and transportation isolation, the new medicine park is divided into five sections of R&D and incubation, comprehensive supporting, production of Chinese Traditional Medicine, biopharmaceutical medicine manufacturing and logistics trade. The park also plans five areas for the development of five industries, with the following proportions: manufacturing: 45 percent; R&D and incubation: six percent; trade logistics: 15 percent; health services: nine percent; comprehensive supporting: 21 percent.