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A. Company Name Pre-Approval

1. Application form of domestic-invested company name pre-approval

2. Application form of foreign-invested company name pre-approval 

B. Company Establishment and Registration

1. Application form of company registration (for record filing)

2. Application documents for change of company registration

3. Nullification of company registration

4. Company bylaws signed by all shareholders

5. Application form for company registration (for record filing)

6. Letter of authorization of designated representative or jointly entrusted agent

7. Subject Qualification submitted to shareholders on company registration, change of company registration and nullification of company registration

8. Photocopy of appointment letters and identity documents of directors, supervisors and managers

9. Photocopy of appointment letter and identity document of legal representative

10. Proof of residence letter for company required for the establishment and relocation of company

11. Notification of company name pre-approval

12. Documents for the establishment of corporation

C. Record Filing

1. Duplicate business license and photocopy of business license

2. Project profile and agreements or contracts signed by interested parties

3. Notarization Letter on authenticity of submitted documents

4. Application form of capital investment project in Guizhou Province for record filing purpose 

D. Site Selection

1. Approval of project undertaking of applicant

2. Initiation and project approval from departments of development and reform

3. Review comments on project from departments of urban and rural planning

4. Approved opinions from all related departments of government

5. Application form of project site selection

6. Site photos

7. Identity documents of applicant

8. Letter of authorization of legal representative

9. Letter of Commitment

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