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GoldenKeys High-tech Material Ltd

Updated : 2018-01-29 Print

Established in April 2016, Guizhou GoldenKeys High-tech Material Ltd is an international company that engages in R & D, production and sales of high-tech materials founded by overseas returnees. Their core technical staffs are from the world's top universities such as Oxford University and other top universities in Britain. The research staffs mainly come from the top universities of European countries that are advanced in science and technology, and experts in R & D from China. The R & D collaborators and senior consultants include academicians of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), academicians of the Royal Academy of Sciences, and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Xu Yingjian, CEO of the company, is also a fellow of the RSC, supervisor of the innovation and entrepreneurship in Guizhou, as well as the research consultant of "national key laboratory for efficient utilization of middle and low grade phosphate ore and its associated resources in Wengfu Group". In 2017, he presided over a number of projects from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Guian New Area, receiving funding of about 2 million yuan ($320,000). Meanwhile, he possesses one international patent (US2008262269A1) and has applied for one invention patent (201710182138.1). He has published an article in Angew (Impact Factor 18.96), and numerous articles in top chemistry journals.

Since its operation, the company has obtained a total income of more than 3 million yuan. It has successfully cooperated with more than 30 units, including signing contracts with a number of listed companies such as Wengfu Group and Yunnanbaiyao, and also established Hubei GoldenKeys High-tech Materials Co Ltd (wholly-owned subsidiary). Currently, the company is planning to establish its subsidiary in Zhejiang. In June 2017, the company started equity financing, and reached an investment intention with Guian New District Development and Investment Co Ltd.

To date, the company has received various types of policy support and subsidies from the government, including support from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and subsidies from Guian New Area.

With the strong support of Guian New Area's government, the company will establish a new large-scale production base in the High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park. Currently, the company has carried out commercial and technical businesses in China, Southeast Asia, and Europe. The technology and products of the company help boost the development of the upstream, middle and downstream industries including health, high-end fine chemical industry, mining, smelting, and precious metal / rare metal resource regeneration and environmental protection. The green energy-saving and environmentally friendly new materials in the company will be a key engine in accelerating the development of industrial economy in not just China but the entire world.