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Guizhou Baichuang Cloud Science and Technology Co (Baidu Center)

Updated : 2018-01-29 Print


Baidu Innovation Center is a full industrial chain entrepreneurship platform built by Chinese search engine Baidu. It is also China's first artificial intelligence (AI)-based maker space. 

The center focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship on Baidu AI, content distribution, connection service and financial innovation with the help of Baidu's own technological strength, brand influence and integration of resources in the field.


It offers financing, premises, technological support, promotion, liquidation and training for enterprises and business starters.

The center, based in the Huaxi College Town of Guian New Area innovation hub in China, is a carrier of developing big data, cloud computing and AI.

It covers an area of 5,400 square meters and has become a significant part of the New Area's incubation service platform. It boasts good service facilities, including printers, rooms for training and meeting, a roadshow hall, a cafe and a bookstore.