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Updated : 2018-01-31 Print


Beidouwan Virtual Reality (VR) Town, located in Gaofeng county of Guian New Area, is viewed as China's first VR town by VR industry insiders.

It has many state-of-the-art VR equipment and more than 20 programs applying VR, AR and holographic technology. An industrial chain has been established in the town involving VR education, VR gaming and VR Office.

The town is also actively engaged in applying VR and AR technology to solve issues such as agricultural and tourism development, rural beautfication and poverty alleviation. 

The establishment of the VR town is an important practice for Guian New Area to develop the new form of industry related with big data, explore the commercial, political and civil use of the big data as well as promote the VR industry. 

Based on the fruitful results achieved by the VR town, Guian New Area is planning to cooperate with leading enterprises in the industry such as HTC and OTC to establish the Guian VR City.