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Guian-made electric cars to debut next month

Updated : 2018-03-28 Print

Sitech, an electric vehicle company headquartered in Guian New Area, Southwest China's Guizhou province announced that trial production of its first electric car model-DEV1 and the first shared car for Mobike, a Chinese giant in bike-sharing, have been successful. 

The company stressed that this success means that both car models are expected to be unveiled to the market at a press conference in Beijing on April 19. At present, both car models are undergoing stringent crash testing.

Compact and advanced in its shape and size, the DEV1, leveling A0, is a comprehensive two-compartment electric car. Thanks to cooperation with FAW-Volkswagen, DEV1 enjoys the benefits of having a totally automated robot production line that was formerly specialized for Mazda. 


Compact and smartly designed, the DEV1, leveling A0, is a comprehensive two compartment electric car. [Photo/cnr.cn]

By taking advantage of the internet of things, mobile internet and big data, the Mobike's new shared cars will run on new energy and users can apply for the cars through the company's current APP for shared bicycles. Trial operations will take place in downtown area of Guian. 

Established last September, Sitech acquired electrical car intellectual property rights over the last six months. The company has been gaining more international attention after launching several models at the 2018 International Consumer Electronic Show.