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Guian dedicated to green transportation through big data

Updated : 2018-06-01 Print

A modern green transportation system featuring big data applications is taking primary shape in Guian New Area, Southwest China's Guizhou province, thanks to the area's adherence to ecological protection and green development. 

By relying on the development idea of "park plus project", the area has blazed a pioneering trail in new-energy automobile manufacturing, building an industrial development model for new energy generation, storage, and distribution, as well as charging station installation and after-sale service. 

"New-energy cars are free of pollution and low in cost, which is the development momentum of the future of the transportation industry. It only costs about 40 yuan ($6.26) per 100 kilometers to operate a new-energy bus," said Wang Lifa, a bus driver working in Guian New Area. 

Sitech, a Guian-based automobile producer, saw its first self-developed new-energy car model, the 4,000 DEV1, sell out after its launch at the Beijing Auto Show on April 25.

With an investment of five billion yuan, Guizhou Changjiang Automobile now produces 205,000 new-energy cars each year, generating an annual output exceeding 80 billion yuan. 

As the applications of big data widen in Guian New Area, sharing cars are becoming popular among local residents. "It's very economical to use the sharing cars; it's even cheaper than a taxi fare," said Zhang Lin, a worker in the area.