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Guian-based electronic enterprise on development fast track

Updated : 2018-10-10 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

Guizhou Kai Rui Jia Electronics Technology Co, which moved into Guian New Area in early 2017 and began production in July of the same year, is an optoelectronics company engaging in the R&D, production, processing and sale of LEDs (light emitting diode), with products including high-end LED lights and edge lighting sources for mobile phones.

With advanced production equipment, the company is able to produce 4 million 2835-type LED products, with a length of less than 1 mm, within one day.

"Our company has worked in the LED industry for over 10 years and has strong experience in R&D, professional management teams, production, automatic die bonders, dispensers and optical tape devices, and wire bonders," said Yin Hesheng, Kai Rui Jia's general manager. "Our products feature extensive applications, including flashlights, auto lamps, landscape lighting, decorative lighting, advertising signs, indoor lighting and light sources for mobile phone LED screens."

Compared with traditional lighting sources, Kai Rui Jia's products have a focus on energy conservation, environmental protection, power efficiency and long life, according to Yin. 

The company is now developing LED grow lights, which will play a major role in its future development. LED grow lights combine numerous wavelengths of high power LEDs to emit the exact spectrum of light needed for photosynthesis and all phases of plant growth. They are designed to stimulate plant growth, adjust the florescence and flower colors, boost the ripening of fruit, and improve fruit quality and taste.

In 2017, the company's output value topped $20 million and it is expected to increase to $50 million this year. Its products are mainly exported to Vietnam, South Korea and Central Asia.

Kai Rui Jia aims to go public and strengthen its overseas markets in the future while also exploring the domestic market and developing quality products that suit Chinese customers.