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Guian becomes first choice for tech company

Updated : 2018-10-11 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

Guizhou Newdell Science Technology Co, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Newdell Science Technology Co which focuses on research and development, production, marketing and customer service, set up shop in Guian New Area in October 2016. 

Newdell's products range from mobile phones, ipads, wearable smart devices, smart home care equipment to IT and Internet plus devices and have been exported to Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia and various African and European countries.

"We chose Guian after careful evaluation for its preferential policies, favorable environment and great development potential," said Xia Aihua, general manager of Guizhou Newdell Science Technology Co.

"There are a lot of benefits, including subsidiaries of equipment, decoration and logistics," he added.

The company is expected to attract several supporting enterprises to the area which focus on photoelectrical display screens, cameras, lenses, molds, buttons, batteries, chargers, motors, horns, earphones, data wiring, and color box packaging, forming a complete industrial chain and propelling Guian’s economic growth.

According to Xia, the company plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan ($ 216.89 million) into the construction of 20 advanced mobile phone assembly lines with an annual production capacity of 20 million units, four tablet computer production lines with a capacity of over 4 million units and 10 Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) lines with a capacity of 12 million units.

"Since the foundation of our parent company in 2003, we have produced BB phones, MP3s and MP4s, all of which have been phased out with the development of technology," Xia said in an interview. The group has maintained sustainable development thanks to its focus on innovation and the manufacturing of new products that satisfy customer demand. Currently, the group is researching and developing a string of smart devices such as electronic crutches, glucometers, safety helmets and robotic monitors which are under undergoing debugging and will be on the market soon. 

As a subsidiary, Guizhou Newdell Science Technology Co highlights customized R&D. It boasts an R&D team, advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment and is able to design and develop products according to different customer needs. The tailored products have enjoyed popularity among overseas users.

"The company has launched six mobile phone assembly lines, one tablet PC production line and four SMT lines. The output value in 2017 reached 80 million yuan and will top 600 million yuan this year," Xia noted.

Furthermore, Newdell is striving to update all of its equipment and achieve full intelligent manufacturing within four years, hoping to become a leader in China's manufacturing industry.