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Guian establishes national government cloud data center

Updated : 2018-10-12 Print

The National Electronic Government Cloud Data Center South Node was launched at the China Telecom Cloud Computing Guizhou Information Park, which is located in the Guian New Area, Southwest China's Guizhou province, on May 27. 

The only national key cloud node for government affairs in South China, the South Node is considered vital to the whole of China's government cloud data system, along with the North and Northwest nodes. 

"The South Node is expected to go into operation in August and we are now installing some equipment there," said Song Tongbo, spokesperson with the China Telecom Guizhou park. 

With rich experience and success in constructing smart cities, China Telecom will provide quality, security and reliable services for the South Node and endeavor to explore a useful model for government data management, Song added.

The establishment of the South Node will greatly improve traffic smoothness and safe performance of governments' service-centered websites, and will promote integration and application of government data. 


A representative (L) from the State Information Center gives a plaque commemorating the National Electronic Government Cloud Data Center South Node to a Guian representative on December 27. [Photo/sic.gov.cn]