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Guian car debuts in Los Angeles

Updated : 2018-10-16 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

GYON, a high-end car model funded by Guian Sitech Electric Auto Industry Co, held its brand conference and singing ceremony in Los Angeles, USA on Aug 9, with the aim of building a brand new concept model.

The model represents the company's latest technological breakthrough in vehicles, as it only takes 15 minutes to finish charging and 10 minutes to charge 80 percent. Each charge is good for 580 to 600 km.

Equipped with personalized configuration, GYON is based on the G-OS smart system which can foresee any scenario involving vehicle operation or maintenance. Each car will learn and explore better ways to serve their drivers through individual identification numbers. 

The first lots will be put on the market in 2020, leveling at A and B, and will cost between 20,000 and 100,000 yuan ($29,063 to $114,528).

GYON is expected to promote nine cars within the next eight years to meet the market demands for A and B level cars, including sedans, SUVs, estates, and new-type crossover vehicles. 

Established last year in Guian New Area, Southwest China's Guizhou province, Sitech has become a professional electric car company involved in designing, R&D, and manufacturing. It is currently expanding across the globe to places like Beijing, Silicon Valley and Turin, Italy. 

On January 11, Sitech launched brand new corporative ideas and a new logo, affirming its determination to further develop its expertise in electric vehicle manufacturing, smart automobile networks, and driverless R&D, as well as the promotion of shared cars. 


The GYON brand conference in Los Angeles, the United States. [Photo/VCG]