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Hospital in Guian now accepts online appointments

Updated : 2018-11-23 (en.gaxq.gov.cn) Print

An online appointment channel for College Town Hospital, Guizhou Medical University opened to the public recently. Patients are now able to make appointments through Wechat, the hospital's official website, and the Bank of China mobile APP.


The College Town Hospital, part of Guizhou Medical University opened its online appointment channel recently. [Photo/www.gaxqb.com]

Located at Guizhou Medical University in Huaxi College Town of Guian New Area, the hospital covers an area of 18,000 square meters. There are 212 medical staff, 208 beds and 20 departments. 

In addition to an operating room, a radiographic room, a clinical laboratory and other specialized departments, the hospital is also equipped with medical equipment such as CT scanners, X-ray devices, color Doppler ultrasound, an anesthesia machine and a laparoscope.

"As the first public hospital in Huaxi College Town, it is built to support the medical services for a planned population of 500,000," said Tang Xuejie, head of the hospital. "The establishment of the hospital also ensures livelihood security and regional economic and social development."


A doctor checks medical images at the College Town Hospital of Guizhou Medical University. [Photo/www.gaxqb.com]

"As the leading medical university in the province, Guizhou Medical University has had 200 medical research achievements and 10 mature projects. The regional advantage of the hospital will provide convenience for cooperation with the university and local enterprises," he added.

Since the hospital was established as the teaching spot of Guizhou Medical University in November 2016, the university's administrative and teaching institutions have all moved to the town from their former campus. The number of students at the school has already reached 23,000. 

Zhao Yandi contributed to this story